Friday, January 27, 2012

First all grain batch: Newt Hearted IPA

My first two batches stretched into styles I was not very familiar with so for this batch I wanted to go simple and conventional --> IPA. Being familiar with the style will hopefully give me a better view of the efficacy of my process and a clearer picture of what to improve.

While I do occasionally enjoy the grapefruit/mango bombs (i.e. Good People IPA) or twig licks (Saranac IPA), the straight forward simplicity of Bell's Two Hearted (and every other Bell's ale) never fails to please. Newt Hearted is based loosely on an average of clone recipes found across several forums.

I've never fully understood the need for an IPA to be 7-8% abv so my main goal was to drop it to around 5% without loosing balance or body and perhaps bump up the malt flavor.

I ordered from Brewmaster's Warehouse and the recipes I ordered came nicely packaged and crushed. The name changed later with a flash inspiration.
From The Happy Newt
From The Happy Newt

Tasting notes and process comments to follow.

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  1. Appearence: Cloudy, tiger-orange, little head.

    Sniff: My sniffer is off today, don't smell much. Generally , not sterile, smell/lack of smell.

    Taste: Bitter like a grapefruit, especially when cold. The citrus lingers for awhile then turns very bitter, more peel than fruit. Generally: bright and newty!

    Note: I'm eating dried currents at the same time. Takes out all the flavor.

    Mouthfeel: Covers this inside of my mouth like butter.

    Extranote: I took FishOil supplement before drinking. My burps are not fishy. Miracle.